About Us


The Three Valleys Coffee brand was established in 1997, by the Australian Sub-Tropical Coffee Growers Co-operativ.


The members of the Co-op grew Arabica coffee in the fertile hills and valleys of the Tweed, Richmond and Clarence rivers, in the Sub-tropical north-eastern corner of NSW. Hence the name Three Valleys Coffee.


Unfortunately due to a decline in active membership the Co-op had to cease trading late 2007, it was at this time that we (Richard & Beryle Gibson) purchased the business of the Co-op.


We have been growing coffee and supplied all of our product to the co-op for the past six years.


Three Valleys Coffee is a totally Australian coffee and is a blend of the finest quality coffees grown in the three valleys region. Using virtually no pesticides as Australia is free of most of the pests and diseases that plague overseas coffee.


Our Coffee


Three Valleys Coffee is sun dried for approx 6 weeks this allows the bean time to develop it’s full flavour potential, unlike mechanical drying which only takes 24hours and does not let the bean develop.


Three Valleys is a mild coffee with an excellent aroma, body, flavour and aftertaste. Due to our sub-tropical climate it has a naturally low caffeine content (0.9 to 1.5% natural variation)


Three Valleys is available in medium and a slightly stronger espresso roast, fine or medium grind as well as whole bean. Our 200gram packs of ground product are vacuum packed and presented in a gold (medium) or green (espresso) paper pack. Whole bean is packed in a (medium) silver or green (espresso) foil stand up pouch with a one way valve. 1Kg packs of ground & whole bean are all in silver foil, one way valve bags.


Three Valleys Coffee has entered the Lismore North Coast National Show.
Coffee Cupping Competition
2008 – Second Prize
2009 – First Prize